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2Whether you are running a massive business or merely attempting to get your shop up and off of the ground, it is of the utmost importance that you have the ability to leave an impression on prospective customers. While your products will be doing most of the talking once your potential customers are engaged with your business, you still need to be able to get them into your storefront. One of the best ways to spread your name around while generating potential leads is by way of a well-designed business card. Today, we are going to be discussing colorized business cards and what they can do for your company.

The Benefits Of Colorplan Paper Business Cards

As we highlighted above, having a capable business card can help you in a number of different ways. From being able to spread the name of your business to merely gauging potential interest, business cards are effective tools for the inspired business owner. While business cards are almost as old as businesses themselves, the technology that we use today isn’t the same as we’ve always used. In fact, thanks to efficient color printers, we can have beautiful business cards on gorgeous colorized cardstock. Why does this matter? Let’s go ahead and dig into the concept in a number of different ways.

1) Colorplan Gives Your Business Life.

With a colorized business card, you are going to immediately be setting yourself apart from the rest of the businesses in your industry. With business cards, most people tend to opt for the cheap and simple designs. With your colored business card, you are going to be setting yourself on a different level.

2) Showcase Your Personality.

With a Colorplan business card you can also create a personality around your craft. Use light colors to inspire happiness and optimism or use dark colors to create a mysterious aura.

Colorplan Business Cards

2Colorplan Paper Collection has a wide range of colored stock for any mood or style. The stocks have a smooth surface that can be recycled and is free of chlorine. The colors range from a vibrant Bright Red to a soft Pistachio Green. The lighter shades are good for printing in full color and the darker shades are good for designing in black ink. Foil and screen print can be used to produce lighter colors and metallic foils. They work with manufacturers that produce the finest paper and look for materials that have the highest quality.

About the Company

Jukebox is a printing company focused on creativity. They use their business cards to inspire people to make good first impressions. They like to keep quality at the center of their focus with their materials and printing methods. Their mission is to see how far they can push the boundaries of their printing. They’re always willing to accept a challenge. This helps them reach their fullest potential in being the best of their ability.

Jukebox and G. F Smith

One company they work with is G. F Smith. This company was founded in 1885, and has a tradition of craftmanship and good taste. They have a Colorplan line that represents everything Jukebox wants in a stock. Jukebox’s clients love their collection of vibrant colors. In the 1960’s, they changed printed communication by pioneering paper that had different weights and sizes. This ended up being Colorplan, a combination of tradition and creativity. Both Jukebox and G. F Smith care about keeping their products friendly to the environment. Colorplan stocks can be used by anyone who wants to stand out with their creativity.